Monday, November 14, 2011

The French call it painting with glue…

That explains why coloring the glue can be a great incentive for toddlers to collage! Because these young art explorers are very focused on the qualities of the material, a bright blue or green glue provides some exciting visual stimuli to the material. Choosing from our seemingly endless supply of paper scraps, fabrics, buttons, and threads, young artists are free to explore the many possibilities of collage. For them, the act of painting the glue and placing the scraps are two separate activities.


 Once children become a little more familiar with the material, collage and paint can be combined to create an interesting mixture of marks and textures on the paper. This art explorer is seen experimenting with glue, scraps of handmade paper, and stamped blue and red paint. An imaginative mixture of textures and color shuffle across the paper.

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